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An Academic Program was arranged at R.G. Kar Medical College, in India’s City of Joy – Kolkata on 26th April, 2018. It was organised on behalf of ACP (American College of Physicians) and included academic sessions mentioned underneath:

  • Positioning Gliptins in the continuum of T2DM management
  • Approach to Polyarthritis in a Young Female
  • Clinical Case Presentation

ACP encourages you to host your CME programs under the banner of the American College of Physicians and partner for a great outreach of your CME program.

CME programs are helpful in gathering hands on knowledge on useful topics related to medicine. ACP has always promoted CME programs and you earn CME credits when you attend any CME program. This also helps you advance to the next level in your ACP membership


New Fellows

Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

The Chapter recognizes and congratulates the following physicians who were elected to Fellowship in the College in the past 6 months:

  • Dr. B R Bansode, MD FACP
  • Dr. Pritam Gupta, MD FACP
New Members

We are proud to welcome the following members who have joined the Chapter during the past 6 months:

  • InderpreetKaurDardi, MD
  • AnkitMiddha, MBBS MD
  • SatishGosavi, MD
  • Prasan Panda, MBBS MD
  • RenuYadav, MBBS
  • SoumyaGhosh, MBBS MD
  • HimanshuDandu, MD
  • KireetNallamothu, MBBS
  • SmarajitBanik, MBBS MD
  • NishantKanodia, MBBS MD
  • Shanta Anita G Nambiar, MBBS MD
  • JaggiRawat, MBBS
  • DiveshWadehra, MBBS
  • Brij Mohan, MBBS
  • NitinRane, MBBS
  • Sumeet More, MBBS
  • SuhasKarkamkar, MBBS
  • KishorViradiya, MBBS
  • SantoshNagare, MBBS
  • Birinder Bhatia, MBBS
  • Kamal Singh, MBBS MD
  • Kishor Kumar Nagar, MBBS MD
  • Laxmi Narayan Sharma, MBBS MD
  • Raj Kumar Bhookar
  • SachinPruthi
  • PritiPanchal, MBBS MD
  • VikramBalwani, MBBS
  • HarmeshAggarwal
  • Ashutosh Jain
  • DeodattaShripadChafekar
  • Dalip Gupta
  • Rajeshwar Singh
  • Ravjit Singh
  • Naveen Salins, MBBS MD
  • Gurdeep Singh Shergill, MBBS MD
  • Parminder Singh, MBBS MD
  • AmitVerma, MBBS MD
  • Kamal Kishore, MBBS MD
  • ShabbirBaldiwala
  • MishaGarg
  • SaurabhAgarwal, MD
  • AnkurChaudhari, MBBS MD
  • MandalSouvonik
  • LaguduRao
  • VelaskarSadanand
  • Ashok Singh, MBBS MD
  • BalamuruganSubbiah, MBBS MD
  • Bharat Bhushan Jindal, MBBS MD
  • RautArun
  • Mittal Kumar
  • Dixit Harish
  • Amit Ashok
  • KabirDutta
  • AnandBardhan
  • LokeshSampangiyappa
  • ManasiKadam
  • Jain Anuj
  • PardeshiTukaram
  • Milind Desai
  • ParmodSinha
  • NaikBhanudas
  • PoojaSahni
  • Ram ChanderNegi
  • Bipin Kishore Kullu, MBBS
  • RanjanaDeshmukh
  • Rahul Kulkarni
  • Sharma Binod Kumar Sr, MBBS
  • Devashish Gupta, MBBS
  • DattatreyaMurty, MBBS MD
  • Dharmendra Kumar, MBBS MD
  • Rahul Ware
  • Dibyendu Mukherjee, MBBS MD
  • RajnishSehgal
  • RavindraShravasti
  • ShaliwahanPattanshetti
  • RavinderSaluja
  • DuttaDipak
  • DilipGude, MBBS MD
  • Mohammad Sami, MBBS
  • SandeepSuri
  • Kumar Rathour
  • Manish Deshpande, MBBS MD
  • Manoj Kishore Chhotray, MBBS MD
  • Sanjay Tarlekar
  • Satish Kumar
  • SharatHonnati
  • Sukhdev Singh
  • Tejinder Singh
  • TusharKalra
  • VarshaApte
  • Vipin Gupta
  • Rajesh Mishra
  • Shelly Goel
  • LalitPradhan
  • Gaudi Satyanarayan
  • Vishal Shah
  • BhanjaPulakesh
  • SharadPawar
  • Munish Kumar, MD
  • PrashantKini, MD
  • Raghu Singh, MD
  • RajanVashisht
  • AamitLakhani, MBBS MD
  • RajeshwarRamaswamy
  • Sajid Ansari
  • Sanjay Singhal
  • ShafaatTalib

We are proud to announce that 74 medical students have taken ACP Student’s Membership in the last 6 months.

ACP helps medical students stay updated with the latest in Internal Medicine and provides a variety of valuable educational and clinical resources, including:

  • Annals of Internal Medicine – Included with ACP membership, your free online subscription provides you with original research reviews, clinical guidelines, commentaries, and essays related to the practice of internal medicine.
    ACP JournalWise – This free member service helps you keep current with the most important medical literature from over 120 journals. Simply select your areas of focus, and we’ll deliver a customized list of relevant journal articles to your mobile phone or PC.
  • Free attendance at scientific meetings – As a Medical Student Member, you can attend the College’s annual Internal Medicine meeting, as well as local chapter meetings, for free or for a deeply discounted rate.

Renewal Details of the Membership

2018-2019 Dues and Fees for Renewing Members Outside of the United States have been updated.

ACP’s membership year runs from July to the following June of each year. As, a special consideration, dues are waived for new members who are elected in April, May and June, providing that the new member pays his/her full dues amount for the next membership year.

ACP recognizes that members may have special circumstances that require a reduction in dues. Below are circumstances under which a member may request a dues adjustment.

Retired/Semi-retired Rateare eligible for Emeritus membership status (after meeting some special criteria) and a 50 percent reduction in membership dues

If you are full dues paying member of ACP and one of the following organizations, you are eligible for a 10% discount off of the dues you owe to both organizations at renewal.

ACP member couples have the option of waiving one set of print publications and receiving a dues reduction.

Part-Time/Unemployed Rate is renewable each year and you will be contacted January of each year to update your status for the next membership year.

Members receiving Financial Hardship Rate will be asked to pay voluntary dues to their local ACP chapter.

Disabled Members Rate

For the current membership year that began on July 1, the dues rate is $235. Members paying a reduced dues rate will be asked to pay voluntary ACP chapter dues.

Members receiving Temporary Waiver rate will receive a dues bill asking that they voluntarily pay their local ACP chapter.


Dear ACP Members / Fellows / Resident, Greetings!

  • I recently learned that some of your membership in the American College of Physicians will expire because your dues are not current. As Governor of your local ACP India chapter, I urge you to remain an active member of our community of internists and renew your membership online.
  • Membership in the College offers a network of 152,000 internists, world-class educational resources, highly regarded scientific programs, and comprehensive publications like Annals of Internal Medicine that help you to provide the best possible care for your patients. ACP also offers extensive assistance with maintenance of certification and practice management, advocacy at the local and national levels, and exclusive members-only discounts. For a complete listing of member benefits, visit ACP Online at
  • In addition, our India Chapter holds an excellent scientific meeting offering convenient CME credit and a place to connect with your colleagues. We also have active committees to involve chapter members in planning the meeting and other programs. For more information, visit Web site at and clicking on the link for India Chapter

    Please remain a member of ACP. You can easily renew your membership online call Customer Service at 800-ACP-1915 (M-F, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. ET) and pay the current year's dues. Your unpaid dues for the prior year will be waived.

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